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Success in song


Even though the other activities were many, singing was always the most important thing. Fuglset Male Voice Choir caught people´s attention early on as a great choir. The choir was from the get-go blessed with a number of very strong singers, and all the members were genuinly interested in singing and quiality was always the goal. Even though the choir is an amateur-choir with audtitions for new members, quality has always been a trademark for the choir through the years. The choir was noticed early on, not just locally but nationally. In June of 1948 a Singers Meet was held in Molde. During the singer´s party on Saturday the choir had to leave the party at 10:45 pm (!) to go to Kabarethuset (the local cinema) and record their own radio programme. This programme was later broadcasted nationally (08.08.1948). And if that wasn´t enough, the choir did the same again on March 25th, singing 4 numbers. When NRK (Norway´s Broadcast Company) in 1972 held a national choir competition, Fuglset Male Voice Choir came in 6th place, with 50 choirs participating. 











In June of 1969 a Nordic Choir Meet was held in Denmark. Norges Sangerlaug would decide which choir to represent Norway. After a lengthy competition held though submission of audio tapes, Fuglset Male Voice Choir was chosen. There was aledgedly a lot of concer among the other choirs that this unknown all-male choir with a unknown name would represent the entire nation. Straight away the choir started having choir rehearsals twice a week, and it was a well-prepared choir that boarded the over-night train on Thursday June 27th, arriving in Odense (DK) on Friday evening. «The Nordic Concert» started Saturday afternoon, and it was with mixed feelings the choir lined up on stage, as the only male voice choir, and going on second, behind the professional Copenhagen Chamber Choir. The conductor and the choir gave their all and it paid off. They sang six numbers with a generous applaus between each one. It was with a sigh of relief that the choir, and not least the conductor, were practically carried down from the stage though the roaring applause. The choir has in recent years participated in a number of choir competitions. In all of these the choir has either won or ended up in one of the top places. Some are noteworthy; County Championships (two victories) and Nordenfjellske Male Choir Meet (1st and 2nd place). In later years the choir has not prioritized time-consuming competitions as this has affected the choir´s ability to  widen their repertoire.

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