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The singers

Fuglset Male Voice Choir has throughout the years had a stable group of members. Thos who have joined, have remaines members. The list of 10-, 20-, 30-, 40- and even 50-year medalists has been impressive. This is due to the great friendships made within the choir and the common understanding that a choir needs to stand together to achieve great things. All choirs are depending on recruiting new members and it is important that newcommers are well taken care of in the critical first few months. It is not always easy for new members to attend rehearsals when everyone else know their parts already. It is therefore important that all new members are taken care of from the choir as a whole. 


For many, being a member of Fuglset Male Voice Choir becomes a lifestyle. Thourghout the 1970s many of the choir´s initial members had to leave due to age and health, but the choir´s new members stayed on. In 2014 the choir has three members who have all been members for about 50 years each. In the beginning there were only members from Molde´s suburb Fuglset, but there have never been rules as to where the choir´s members could reside. Today the choir is recruiting members from all of Molde, but our neighbouring councils are also well-represented. There has always been members from Fuglset, however, and we are proud of our name. The choir´s size has been remarkably stable thoughout these 70 years; between 30 and 40 singers. County Chairman Ottar Befring, who has been the choir´s chairman for the past 13 years, must be credited to a large extent the choir´s social strength. It was his initiative to bring along the wives for a lot of the choir´s activities. 


The choir holds parties and other meets several times a year and the wives are always invited. Our trips, both domestic and abroad, with our wives also helps strengthening the social bonds within the choir. In later years the choir member´s wives have always come along on our trips abroad. Germany, England, Cornwall and Wales have been the choir´s destinations. In 2014, the year of our 70th Anniversary our destination is «the norwegian parts of the USA», «The Mid-West».

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