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The choir has through the years been blessed with a number of strong soloists. Martin Mauseth, Leif Birkeland and Andreas Kanestrøm are noteworthy from the first years. Later Kristen Gundersen was an obvious choice. He still performs solos with the choir, in his 51st year as a member. As mentioned, several new singers have been performing solos in later years, and Odd Røhjell is perhaps the most prominant one. 



A favourite among audiences

Fuglset Male Voice Choir has from the very beginning had a speacial bond with its audience. People have been religiously following the choir´s concerts, and through the years some regular concerts have emerged. The oldest of these traditions is the choir´s participation in the church service in Røbekk church on Christmas Day. This started on Christmas Day in 1945 and has been a tradition every year since then. Another long tradition is the annual Advent Concert with Bolsøy Congregation Choir in December. For these concerts the church is normally full. In later years our annual concerts have been: «Syng jula ut» («Sings Christmas Out») in Røvik church in January, «Fuglsetkveld» («Fuglset Evening») in Bergmo church in February and «Haustvind» («Autumn Wind») in Elnesvågen House of Worship in November. These events, which are more cultural happenings, rather than concerts, are the choir´s most important source of income. Audiences show of in great numbers and some attend all of the choir´s annual events. In addition to these regular concerts, the choir is often booked to performe in a variety of events. The demand is, in fact such, that the choir sometimes has to decline. We try to balance between paid performances and performing for charitable causes and organizations. The Salvation Army and congresses/seminars are events the choir regularly attend. In County Chairman Ottar Befring´s time as Chairman of the choir, we have performed at many official events. It is noteworthy that Fuglset Male Voice Choir has performed for the King of Norway on several occasions (at the Norwegian Skiing Championship and at the Anniversary for author and playwright Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson). The choir has released three CDs: «… dypt i klippens bryst…» (2003), «… i havbrynet…» (2009) og «God jul med Fuglset Mannskor» (2012).


The avarage age of the choir´s members has increased significantly since the beginning, but this is due to the changes in society - the seperation of generations in terms of time and interests, is now more prominent. We are a interglot 70-year old choir, however, and we want to a positive contributor in Moldes cultural scene in the future.

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