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Our conductors

The most important person in all choirs, is the condcutor. Fuglset Male Voice Choir has been incredibly lucky with its musical leaders though the years. In our 70-year history we have only had four conductor, all of whom have in their own way helped us improve quiality of song and a well-composed repertoire, spanning a number of genres. In this way the choir has thoughout its existence been precieved as a choir of high quality. Martin Mauseth was the choir´s conductor and the one who lead us through the first, enthusiastic years. From 1952 to 1988, with the exeption of two hieatuses of one year each, Arne Hanssen was the choir´s conductor. He managed to convey his enthusiasm and aim for quality to the singers, and at the same time shaping the choir to his personal style.


When Arne Hanssen, due to health issues, had to step down in 1988, Torkil Klmai from Rauma took over. With great musicality he managed to continue the development of the choir´s well-known vocal blend. When Klame resigned, after  13 years, the choir got its first female conductor, Lindsay Winfield-Chislett. Performance teqnique and contact with our audience was now in focus. The choir which had previously had the same soloists for all solo-tasks, now focused more on giving other solo-talents chance. The choir´s performance style was more relaxed than before, though eight years with Winfield-Chislett as its conductor. Our conductor today, the young Kyrre Bjørdal Sæther, has had the role for four years. He continues what previous conductors have built by preserving the traditional male choir songs, but also contributes to renewal though his own arrangements of both pop songs and classical repertoire.

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